Rent-a-car - Spain Car

General conditions

In the car renting -Spain Car, vehicles and accesories are giving in perfect conservation and functioning conditions.


The tenant must mantain the vehicle in good conditions and drive it correctly and diligently, following the Circulation Code rules and with the rest of dispositions and ordinances regulating their use.

Specifically, it is forbidden:

  • Subleasing the vehicle and transporting persons or things for a price.
  • The vehicle driven by any other person not designated explicitly in the contract.
  • Use the vehicle to push or tow other vehicles or things.
  • Transport more people than authorized or loads whose weigh, measures or packaging form does not follow the correct standards.
  • Drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs, poisonous substances or narcotic drugs, or with the physical or mental capacity reduced by the fatigue, the illness or by any psycophysic alteration, even if it is transitory.
  • Participate or take action in sporting challenges, driving schools or in any kind of race, bet or defiance.
  •  Unseal or manipulate the odometer, whose malfunction must be comunicated inmediately to the hirer.
  • Vehicles can only circulate by asphalted roads inside Peninsular Spain and, in the case of a 4×4, they can not be driven through paths or tracks that imply a damage high risk.
  • Every consequence derived from the above, will be charged to the tenant.


The vehicle must be returned in a perfect conservation and functioning state, with its accesories and documentation, in the correspongin place and date.

Every variation must be previously and explicitly authorized by the lessor, and its breach gives the lessor the right to judicially ask for the return, with the suffered liquidated damages.

Every fine or sanction of every type, caused by traffic, parking or misuse infringement adopted by the user, will be exclusively at their own account and risk.

The fee application is subordinated to the correct place and date return.


In every accident, the hirer has to take action:

  • Obtain the complete details of the contrary party(s) or any party(s) involved, of their insurance(s) and witnesses, filling the handout given with the documentation, and send it urgently to the lessor.
  • Give notice of the accident to the lessor inmediately (by telephone, fax or email) and subsequently, by email, attaching the accident report.
  • Collaborate in helping the victims and with the autorities, without recognising or prejudging in any case the accident responsabilities.


The lessor will bear the expenditure (duly justified by invoice) of the costs taken during the leasing of lubrication, oil replacement and small reparations up to 150€. It is crucial de previous authorization of Spain Car for reparations superior than that and for towing the vehicle, unless the renter bears the costs.

The renter will bear the costs of punctures, tyre breaks, coups in the lower parts of the vehicle and damages caused by it, as well as breakdowns caused by negligence in the use and maintenance of the vechicle, deterioration in the interior and damage or robbery of the stereo or extras like GPS, luggage rack and baby seats.


Spain Car vehicles are insured with the mandatory liability insurance, civil responsibility of the driver, occupiers insurance and voluntary insurance of own damages, robbery and fire, including damages defence and claim; insurance policy made available for the renter to check before the contract signature.


The renter’s responsibilities for damages, robbery or fire in the rented vehicle is limited, which is specified in our current rate. This responsibility will be excluded if the client has previously accepted the aditional premium charge.

The insurance does not cover the damages for the inmovilitations of the vehicle caused by reparations, accidents or retentions by the autorities attributable to the renter.


The renter can enter into a corporal accidents insurance, according to the policy conditions undersigned by the lessor.

Through the signature of the contract meant for this bonus payment, the client accepts that policy conditions.


Every disagreement between the lessor and the renter convey expressly to the jurisdiction of the First Judicial Court District or Arbitration Boards.

The data collected in the contract will be included in a file with the own purpose of the provision of services, subjected to the stablished garanties.

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