4×4 fees


Unlimited km per day or 5000kms/month (see the extra kmts panel)

Occupant insurance and all risk insurance with franchise (see chart of franchises in case of theft or damages themselves)


Fuel, extra charges, damages and interior cleaning, punctures, broken tires, broken windows, damage by negligence in the use and maintenance of the car.

Special Equipment:

On request:

Ski carriers: 59,29 € during rental.

Snow chains: 27,83 €/day, max 59,29 € during rental;

Child Seat: 12,10 € per day, max of 83,49 € during rental;

GPS: 20,57 € per day, max 107,69 € during rental;

Hitching ball for towing: € 21,96 per day, maximum € 153,72 per month.

Additional driver:

12.10 € per day and driver, maximum 77.44 €  per month and driver.

Delivery and collection:

Delivery and collection service available in Madrid, Monday to Friday in office hours.

Delivery: 30,25 €

Collection: 30,25 €

Charge for out of hours:

Out of the office hours: 64,13 €.

Fuel replacement:

Spain Car vehicles are given full of fuel. We ask our customers to return the vehicle full of fuel as well. Otherwise, the charge for refueling is 27,83 € per rental.

Charge for Spain Car managements:

Charge for processing traffic sanctions (fines) will be € 42.35 per fine

Charge for processing accidents and for theft of the vehicle will be € 60.50 €

VAT (%) included in prices:

21% in. Spanish peninsula

VAT and local taxes subject to change without prior notice, by the government.

Other conditions of this 4×4 rate:

Minimum age:

25 years and 2 years old drivers license.


Madrid (town centre and limited M-50 area).

Groups B 4×4, C 4×4 and D 4×4, are also available in Barcelona.

Other bases inside the peninsula with delivery and collection fees:

– Up to 100 kmts: 60,50€ / 60,50 €

– Up to 250 kmts: 121,00 € / 121 €

– Up to 400 kmts : 181,50 € / 181,50 €

– 401 kms or more: 242,00 €/ 242,00 .€

Additional kilometers

GroupKm Additional
A 4×40,20 €
B 4×40,30 €
C 4×40,30 €
D 4×40,30 €
E 4×40,32 €
F 4×40,32 €


(We have the possibility of reducing the franchise, request information)

GroupNot excuseable franchise
A 4×4605 €
B 4×4847 €
C 4×4847 €
D 4×41.089 €
E 4×41.331 €
F 4×41.331 €

Vehicles can only circulate inside Spain and can not be transfer to the islands. In other case, ask for information and authorization.

Vehicles can only travel on roads and paths that do not involve a serious risk of loss, can not be used for sports events, competitions, driving schools and adventure clubs.

In case of rescue and towage from unpaved roads will be charged to the client until a paved road.

The lessee will be responsible for compliance with current regulations for the driving of motor vehicles, in terms of nature conservation.