General Fees


350 kms per day in the peninsula (see the extra kms panel) and unlimited mileage in Madrid, Islas Baleares y Canarias ( excluding monthly fees that include 5000km/month), fully comprehensive insurance without excess and taxes.

One way:

(Take it here, leave it there) 1 day until Group J, advance warning in reservation.


Extra charges and fuel.

Car rental with frontier crossing:

No allowed for: Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Rep., Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Morocco, Poland, Rep. Of Yugoslavia, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece and Turkey.

Special equipment:

Under request:

Ski carrier: 59,29 € during rental.

Snow chains: 27,83 €/day, max 59,29 € during rental.

Child Seat: 12,10 € per day, max of 83,49 € during rental.

GPS: 20,57 € per day, max 107,69 during rental.

Additional driver:

12,10 € per day and driver, max 77,44 € during month for both.

Delivery and collection:

Delivery and collection service available in city offices, Monday to friday, during office hours and inside city limits.

Deliveries = 30,25 €;

Collections = 30,25 €

Fee for out of time:

Outside the office hours, inside city limits and in airport offices: 64,13 €

Minimum Age:

23 years old Groups A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-N; 25 years old Groups K-L-M-O-P

Fuel replacement:

Inside Peninsula: 27,83€ per rental. Baleares and Canary Islands: 31,67 € per rental.

VAT (%) included in the prices:

21% inside Peninsula and in Baleares; 13,5% in Canary Islands. VAT and local taxes can be changed by the government.

Under 23 years driver:

Between 21-23 years: 21,78€ per day, max 217€ per rental.

Charge for Spain Car managements:

Charge for traffic penalty management (fines) 42,35€ per fine. Charge for accident or vehicle subtraction 60,50 €.

Driving License:

Minimum one year of driving license and 23 years old. For some models it is required a minimum age of 25 years and 2 years old driver’s license.

Additional kilometers

GroupKm Additional
A0,13 €
B0,14 €
C0,15 €
D0,17 €
E0,24 €
F0,19 €
G0,22 €
H0,24 €
I0,24 €
J0,24 €
K0,40 €
L0,40 €
M0,30 €
O0,30 €
P0,30 €