350 kms pero day or 5000kms/month (see the extra kms panel)

Fully comprehensive insurance without retention (see retention panel)

VAT 21%


Extra charges, fuel, one way, damages and lost of the goods being transported, as well as damages caused in the higher parts of the vehicle (over 1,5m).

Regardless of the retentions, imposed penaltys for not respecting the load and unload of the vehicle and transport goods that need special conditions the vehicle doesn’t have.


Delivery and return in Madrid. Spain Car vans can only be driven inside the peninsula. If you need to drive through UE countries, ask us for more information.

Minimum age:

23 years and valid 2 years old driving license.

Special Equipment:

Under request:

Snow chains 27,83 €/day, max: 59,29 € per rental.

GPS 20,57 € per day, max 107,69 € per van rental.

Additional driver:

12,10 € per day and driver, max 77,44 € per month and driver.

Delivery and collection:

Delivery and collection service available in Madrid, monday to friday in office hours.

Delivery: 30,25 €

Collection: 30,25 €

Charge for out of hours:

Out of the office hours: 64,13 €

Fuel replacement:

Spain Car vehicles are given full of fuel. We ask our customers to return the vehicle full of fuel as well. Otherwise, the charge for refuelling is 27,83€ per rental.

Charge for SpainCar managements:

Charge for traffic penalty management (fines) 42,35€ per fine.

Charge for accident or vehicle subtraction 60,50€.

VAT (%) included in the prices.

21% can be changed by the government.

Additional kilometers

Group Km Additional
A1 0,18 €
B1 0,23 €
C1 0,28 €
D1 0,28 €

Not excuseable franchise

Group Not excuseable franchise
A1 242 €
B1 363 €
C1 423,50 €
D1 423,50 €
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