Vehicles only available in Madrid.


Unlimited kms, full insurance with no deductible and 24 hour assistance and 21% VAT.


Extra charges and charges electric charge.

Special equipment:
Under request:

Child Seat: €12.10 per day, max of €83.49 during rental.

Aditional driver:

€12.10 per day and driver, max €77.44 during month for both.

Deliveries and collection:

Delivery and collection service available monday to friday within office hours and city limits.

Deliveries = €42.35

Collected = €42.35

Out of hours charging:

Outside office hours: €84.70

VAT (%) included in the prices:

21%, subject to change without prior notice by the Government.

Driving License::

Minimum age of 1 year and 23 years of age.

Under 23 years driver:

Between 21-22 years: €21.78 per day, max €217.80 per rental.

Charge for Spain Car managements:

Charge for traffic penalty management (fines) €60.50 per fine. Charge for accident or vehicle subtraction €121.

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